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​​We work collaboratively to ensure building designs are coordinated and accurately documented for pricing, construction, fabrication or facility management purposes. We aim to assist in the successful utilisation of digital construction technologies in order to improve efficiencies throughout a building’s life cycle, from feasibility to asset management. We enable our clients to operate at the vanguard of digital construction technology in New Zealand.


Our service offering includes BIM advisory & management, model clash detection & coordination, revit modelling, shop drawings and BIM content (families) creation.


  • BIM Management & Coordination

  • BIM Modelling & Construction Documentation

  • BIM & CAD content creation – for suppliers & manufacturers

  • 3D Rendering, VR & AR Visualisations

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BIM Management & Co-ordination

As BIM Manager, we work with owners, architects and contractors to establish a BIM strategy. The BIM strategy defines the client’s objectives for choosing BIM, this could include: model lead pricing and feasibility analysis, the de-risking of the construction phase through design coordination, or the development of an as-built digital model for asset management. Once a strategy is established, buildBIM will then produce a BIM Execution Plan (BEP), setting out the standards to which each model collaborator must comply in order to achieve the client’s objectives. During the design and construction phase, buildBIM will maintain and review the federated project BIM in order to ensure each collaborator is in compliance with the BEP.


As BIM coordinator, buildBIM will undertake model coordination and clash detection of the overall federated BIM and/or each trades’ design & construction model to identify and then resolve clashes in collaboration with consultants and contractors. Resolution is therefore achieved at the virtual construction stage rather than on-site.


  • Establish BIM Strategy and BIM Execution Plan

  • Manage Federated BIM throughout Design and Construction

  • Create Clash Reports from BIM

  • Lead Coordination Meetings with Collaborators to Resolve Clashes

  • Handover Clash Free Model for Construction

  • Deliver As-built Model for Asset/Facility Management

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“BuildBIM have been great to work with, they  continually provide a high standard of work and an excellent level of service.”

Michael Clothier / Director / Virtual Built Pty Ltd.


BIM Modelling & Construction Documentation

BuildBIM offers BIM and CAD modelling and documentation services to developers, architects, consultants and construction engineers. We will develop a model to whatever Level of Development (LOD) you require e.g. LOD 200 – 500, working collaboratively to produce accurate designs that achieve your requirements. BuildBIM provides functional and reliable construction drawings for construction, shop drawings and as-builts.


If your office is new to BIM or requires extra BIM resources, buildBIM’s advanced modelling and coordination capabilities can help you successfully execute your BIM projects, delivering high quality models and documentation.


  • Coordinated Revit/ Archicad Model – from 2D to 3D or higher LOD

  • Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Documentation

  • Fire and Seismic Documentation

  • Architecture & Structure Documentation

  • Shop Drawings for Fabrication

  • As-Built plans

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BIM & CAD Content Creation – for Suppliers & Manufacturers

The modelling of BIM components is the virtual creation of construction products in the BIM language. These are 3D digital representations of product with the advantage that they include embedded product information, e.g. product SKU codes, technical specifications, warranties, installation information etc. Architects and designers may employ these digital files into their projects, specifying exact the products and quantities, giving suppliers with BIM specified content a competitive advantage.


We provide parametric models in Revit and ArchiCAD that accurately represent your products and specifications. These can be developed to varying levels of detail (LOD) to suit your end users’ requirements.


BuildBIM can also fulfil your CAD requirements, creating product details and systems in 3D or 2D format for use and reference by specifiers, designers and installers.

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3D Rendering, VR & AR

BuildBIM offers visualisation options to assist during design, planning and marketing. We deliver quality 3D renders and virtual or augmented reality visualizations that help comprehend complex designs, interiors, spacing and construction sequences.


BuildBIM can convert any file type into 3D models that can be presented in a variety of ways that will provide a clearer view of the object or building design and more sophisticated detailing accuracy. In addition, we render high-resolution interior and exterior views for presentations, brochures, banners and poster as well as fly-thru video of your building.

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buildBIM AEC BIM Rendering Solutions

Architectural Design, Management & Documentation

BuildBIM has completed projects throughout New Zealand and offer a unique design, management and documentation solution for large scale developments, single residential houses, multi-unit houses and developments, retail/office buildings, industrial/commercial buildings and educational facilities.

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