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Design management in the architectural engineering and construction (AEC) sector is a rapidly evolving discipline. 


Management of architectural design is essential for delivering design intent and maximising value to all stakeholders. Design management involves greater attention to issue resolution and co-ordination between consultants and contractors before commencing construction. Read more...

Virtual vs As-Built
BIM Management & Co-ordination

As independent BIM Managers, we work with clients and contractors to establish a BIM strategy or brief. The BIM brief defines the objectives for a BIM methodology, such as feasibility, construction coordination, or asset management. During the design and construction phase, we will manage and review the federated project BIM in order to ensure each collaborator complies with the BEP. Resolution is achieved pre-construction rather than on-site. Read more...

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BIM NZ Building Information Modelling MEP
Construction Documentation

BuildBIM offers a construction documentation service to architects, consultants and contractors. We work collaboratively with design and construction teams to produce functional and reliable for-construction and for-fabrication documentation.

  • MEP Construction Documentation

  • Architectural Documentation

  • Structural Documentation

  • Civil Documentation


BIM NZ Building Information Modelling MEP
BIM & CAD Content Creation

The modelling of BIM components is the virtual creation of construction products in the BIM language. These are 3D digital representations of product with the advantage that they include embedded product information, e.g. product SKU codes, technical specifications, warranties, installation information etc. We can also fulfil your CAD requirements, creating product details and systems in 3D or 2D. Read more...


About Us

BuildBIM was established in 2012 to support the industry transition toward a more BIM-centric or virtual design and construction process. Properly managed, a BIM methodology can help integrate project teams, improve visibility of design issues, and re-purpose information flows to eliminate silo effects and reduce construction risk.


As experts in both design technology and construction, our ultimate goal is to ensure that considered designs are created and developed into buildable design & construction drawings that actually work on site.


BuildBIM offers a range of services that include Architectural Design & Design Management, Multi-disciplinary Construction Documentation, Services Coordination and BIM Content Creation.


Senior Team

Peter McMenamin

Managing Director

Dan McCormick

Design Team Manager

Charles Burton

Senior BIM Technician

Guy Morris

Director - Principal Architect

Hamish Allott

BIM Team Manager

Patricio Turen

BIM Coordinator

Leo Vidal

Director - buildBIM Chile

Hailey Sinke

Architectural Designer

Sanjaya Withanage

BIM Services Specilaist


Year Established


Projects Completed


Awards Won


NZ International Convention Centre, Auckland

BuildBIM, in collaboration with Redbike and McKay, provided Electrical BIM Coordination & Modelling services on the New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC) in Auckland. This is a $700M facility with 32,000m² of state-of-the-art convention facilities.


BuildBIM’s role was to work with our client, McKay to provide BIM coordination management and modelling for the electrical systems, using the coordinated model to produce shop drawings. Such a large-scale complex facility incorporates considerable electrical services which must be coordinated in-conjunction with full structural steel fabrication and comprehensive mechanical, hydraulic and fire services trade models.

For more information: https://www.nzicc.co.nz/

Video: Click here

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare – Building 4, Auckland

BuildBIM, in collaboration with Construction Workshop and Aquaheat, is providing mechanical BIM coordination and modelling services on the new Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Building 4. The building, with a total gross floor area of 35,700m², contains offices, a laboratory, model-shop space, manufacturing space, a materials warehouse and large-scale distribution centre.


Advanced BIM has been a feature of this project with the client requiring the delivery of a 3D model for Facilities Management use, following the completion of construction. 

For more information: https://goo.gl/pTyYeu

Shirley Boys High and Avonside Girls High School, Christchurch

BuildBIM, in collaboration with Construction Workshop and David Browne Contractors, is providing mechanical coordination and modelling services on the brand new Shirley Boys' High and Avonside Girls’ High Schools.


The school facilities include a 750 seat performing arts centre, a 100 seat theatre, four full-sized sports fields with a 400-metre running track, three full-sized indoor gymnasiums and a cafe and fully-equipped commercial teaching kitchen.

For more information:  http://www.newcampus.nz/

Video: Click here

The Antipodean, 39 - 53 Beach Road, Auckland

BuildBIM in collaboration with Construction Workshop provided BIM modelling services on the Antipodean building. This 15 level apartment building, constructed by Watts and Hughes, is comprised of 161 apartments, a 20m lap pool, and underground parking.


BuildBIM provided BIM modelling services for the Hydraulics, Electrical and Fire Services reporting issues on the Revizto platform.

For more information:  http://theantipodean.co.nz/

Flinders Medical – Health and Hospitality Centre, Adelaide, South Australia

In collaboration with Virtual Built Pty and Hansen Yunken, BuildBIM provided architectural and structural BIM modelling services on the $185.5m upgrade of the Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide, South Australia.


The new building is adjacent to the existing Flinders Hospital and includes a state of the art rehabilitation facility spread across 5 levels and 11,000m2.

For more information:  https://goo.gl/HqJysp

Dunedin Hospital ICU & Gastro

BuildBIM in collaboration with Construction Workshop and Atmos provided mechanical service coordination and modelling on the new Dunedin Hospital Intensive Care Unit and Gastronomy area development. The $15 million facility is a "critical care unit'' that includes two high dependency units.


This project was particularly complex being a refurbishment of an existing building. Working with Naylor Love, the lead services coordinator, BuildBIM provided critical clash-detection services to iron out clashes with the existing building, architecture and services, while developing the mechanical BIM to produce the shop-drawings and as-builts for hand-over.

For more information:  https://goo.gl/PtFt8B

Glenview Medical Centre, Hamilton

BuildBIM in collaboration with Sekta Architects provided architectural detailed design documentation in Revit on the new Glenview Medical Centre, in Hamilton. The $5m rebuild included two minor surgery rooms, teaching rooms, a new radiology service and storage. The floor plan was increase to around 1,400 square metres and the number of consultation rooms was expanded from seven to 13. The project was designed by Sekta Architects and built by Hawkins Construction.


BuildBIM provided coordinated architectural documentation for building consent, tender and construction.

For more information:  https://goo.gl/c8vF8n


Portobello Marine Laboratory Facilities, University of Otago

In collaboration with Cook Brothers Construction, BuildBIM provided BIM modelling of mechanical and plumbing services and as-built documentation on the newly constructed Portobello Marine Laboratory Facilities.


The $5 million marine science laboratory includes a 6m aqua-display tank and a new seawater system that pumps 60,000 litres of seawater through the complex every hour.

For more information:  https://goo.gl/uMXdBQ

St John Community Centre and Residential complex

buildBIM was engaged by PBC CAD in 2013 to assist with the development of 3D visualisation and documentation for this luxury apartment property located in Doncaster, Victoria.

A relatively small project of two large residences on a sloping site but shows that 3D modelling and visualisation through the Revit solution can provide value to smaller projects.

Royal Adelaide Hospital - Building Management Unit - CoxGomyl

In 2013 we worked with CoxGomyl's Melbourne office to assist with the modelling of the Building Maintenance Units to be installed at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The $1.85bn facility was designed and constructed using BIM technologies and processes and CoxGomyl were required to provide the project team with zoned Revit models in addition to their normal drawings.

Our role was to develop LOD 400 components and create zoned BMU models ready to be linked to the main facility models. Our models were capable of clash detection and quantities scheduling in-line with documentation prepared by CoxGomyl.

We were pleased with the opportunity to play a small part in this major health and BIM project and look forward to future projects with CoxGomyl.

Bowden Apartments

We were engaged in 2014 to assist with LOD200/300 BIM development for the Bowden Apartments in Sydney. The objective was to produce Autodesk Revit Architectural and Structural models of a design initially modelled in Sketchup with a curved facade slightly offset at parts of the building across levels. Further complicating the design was its sloping site and multi-level basement carpark.

The model was to be developed to a stage where documenters could extract plan, elevation, section views to be completed outside of the Revit model, so there was no need to develop a detailed model as would normally be the case.

St John Community Centre and Residential complex

VDCO Tech engaged us again in 2017 to construct LOD200/300 Architectural and Structural models from 2D PDF drawings to validate the dimensional accuracy and coordination of the drawings.

The project, St Johns Community Centre and Residential Complex in Miami, FL, USA was under construction and the general contractor was experiencing difficulties due to dimensional discrepancies. This was a difficult project to complete in a limited time frame while determining, and recording discrepancies occurred.

PBC - Apartments 

We were engaged by PBC CAD in 2013 to assist with the development of 3D visualisation and documentation for this luxury apartment property located in Doncaster, Victoria.

A relatively small project of two large residences on a sloping site but shows that 3D modelling and visualisation through the Revit solution can provide value to smaller projects.

Hotel Santa Magdalena, Santiago, Chile

The Hotel Santa Magdalena is a 13 storey building, including four below ground, totalling approximately 3460 m2. BuildBIM was commissioned by Grupo Hotelero RQ for the coordination of Architecture, Structural Engineering, Hydraulic, HVAC, Electrical, Security and Lifts.


636 conflicts were found during the clash detection process. These were grouped according to their degree of complexity, defining inconsistencies and omissions in the projects. Based on data provided by IDIEM, (Chilean construction research and development center) there was a saving of $173,195 by resolving these conflicts in the design stage through the BIM model instead of on-site.





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