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BuildBIM and Deep Space: A Dynamic Collaboration

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

BuildBIM is collaborating with Deep Space on the Ō Mahurangi Penlink Project, a 7 km road from SH 01 through farmland and coastal environment to the Whangaparāoa Peninsula. This project marks a significant step forward in the realm of construction data management and integration.

Deep Space, known for its integrated Project Data Intelligence platform, has introduced a game-changing approach to handling project data. Their platform empowers construction professionals to harness the full potential of project data, regardless of its original source. This data democratization not only enhances transparency but also generates actionable insights that drive efficient project delivery.

Efficiency Driving Alliance Team:

The Project Data Intelligence platform acts as a central hub, fostering collaboration among different project stakeholders. Real-time access to data from various sources eliminates data silos and prevents duplication of efforts.


The collaboration between BuildBIM and Deep Space on the Ō Mahurangi Penlink Project has been a significant innovation in the construction industry. Their shared vision of harnessing the power of Project Data Intelligence is revolutionizing how project data is managed, analyzed, and utilized. As the construction landscape continues to evolve, partnerships like this pave the way for a more intelligent and interconnected construction.

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